The Hugging Bear and Friends
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About The Bears and poems

Each bear is a wonderful keepsake: not considered a toy, not recommended for children under the age of 5 years. These bears are as unique as the person it represents.

Tips for a great bear... All clothing must be cleaned before shipping.

the best clothes to use are:

  • button down shirts
  • sweatshirts
  • bathrobes
  • flannel shirts / nightgowns
  • fleece
  • heavy t-shirts

Typically clothing yields:

  • one adult sized shirt makes one bear
  • one short robe makes about 2 or 3 bears
  • one long robe makes about 3 or 4 bears

Note: Jackets , blazers, sweaters and nylon materials can not be used.

Poems to choose from

Poem A:

I once was worn
By someone so dear
Who through loving memory
Will always be here

So when you hold me
Close to you
Just remember
He loves you too

Poem B:

I will be here always
To comfort you my dear
And you will feel my presence
when you hug this special bear

He was made from clothing
That I used to wear
So when you need me pick him up
and know that I'll be there

Poem C:

I once was worn so long ago
I'm sure you know me well
So sit with me and reminisce
We've lots of tales to tell

The good times we used to share
Are gone but not forgotten
So keep the memories you hold dear
Forever in your heart

Poem D:

Here I sit upon this shelf
Bringing lots of joy
For I'm a special heirloom bear
Not just a plain old toy

I'm a family treasure
To be passed down through the years
To remind you of some special times
And folks that you hold dear